Thursday, 9 October 2014

Todays post is a little bit different as I decided to review some craved about beauty products. As we are all aware contouring the face is a huge trick within the beauty and cosmetic industry right now. It's all about sculpting the face and creating light and shadow in certain areas, in order to create a perception.
I have to admit i can be a bit of a sheep when it comes to following certain trends and contouring is definitely one trend i keep trying out.
The first product I used was Tom Ford's 'Shade and Illuminate,' which comes in two types of intensity. The product itself is packaged just as you would expect coming from Tom Ford, in a suede wallet and plastic casing attached with a mirror, (i'll probably use the case as a pocket mirror once used.) The whole design of the product is very appealing, however the product itself is not. 
The makeup is very sticky and doesn't apply very easily, I would use this product as a base and go over with more wearable makeup, for the price of £56 I personally feel there are better options, which is really disappointing as I LOVE Tom Ford.
Secondly I went to the other end of the price spectrum, after hearing good reviews and purchased the Sleek 'Face Contour Kit' for the small price of £6.49. After first glances of this product, it is more what I expected for a contour kit. Again, the kit comes in different shades for various skin tones and can be bought from most mainstream beauty retailers. The product is easy to apply being a powder and not too harsh on the skin, what I particularly like about the product is the powdered highlighter as it really brightens certain areas of the face. I will definitely be buying the sleek contour kit again, as it really is great value for money (especially for all you students.)
There are other options out on the market which I can't wait to try such as Smashbox and Nars ( another personal makeup favourite.)

Charlotte X

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