Monday, 18 August 2014

If you have not seen 'Candidly Nicole', you must go watch it now. We can all admit we used to watch The Simple Life with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie and when it ended wondered how we would pass hours of our day, well...Nicole is back.
Recently, one of my friends told me about Nicole Richie's new tv program and I knew I had to watch it. each episode is 20 minutes long and follows Nicole around her life as she really mocks herself (her height, her lack of being able to drive) and her life. The whole thing may sound pretty tedious, but trust me, it is must, it had me in fits of hysterics and reminded me just how amazing Nicole Richie really is. 
Due to my love of 'Candidly Nicole', I decided to pay homage to her impeccable style throughout the show, every outfit reflects her personality and her incredible sense of style.

Charlotte X


Thursday, 14 August 2014


So today has been a vile day in terms of weather for August. This morning I was unsure of what to wear due to the severe thundering, rain and lightening which was occurring, it felt asif you had to dig out the winter wardrobe once again. I have a slight obsession with jumpsuits as the garment itself can be dressed up or down very easily but also it is perfect for a wet/humid day. I had also recently purchased some new loafer faux snakeskin type shoes from Topshop which I thought would compliment the jumpsuit well edging for a sport luxe style. Paired with a statement watch and handbag  this look is simple and easy going, however I am always concerned that wearing this I do look like some kind of mechanic... Post again soon, Sarah X 

Outfit details: jumpsuit - topshop, shoes - topshop, watch - Michael Kors, handbag - Prada.