Sunday, 18 May 2014

So this is my first blog post which I am extremely nervous about. I have not yet quite mastered the perfect blog pose however I thought I would give it my best shot. The outfit which is featured is fairly casual, perfect for warm day where you don’t want to be either too hot or cold. I found this outfit great for going out to lunch in the sun. Although the colours of the outfit are not at all summery, monochrome was a safe option for the first post. Top/jumper was purchased from H&M at around £30.00, pants from Topshop and shoes from Primark! The pants are based upon a sport luxe style and are a particular favourite of mine due to the amazing comfort, etched into the fabric are small jaguars finished with a draw string waist. The top/jumper is a fairly new item within my closet brought from H&M I love the loose fitting style alongside the padding on the front of the garment. This outfit is a safe option however both garments have individual features which give them that special edge.
Thank you for reading.
Sarah X


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